SQL Server Unit Testing Tools

Alcyone SQL Unit provides graphical tools for developing SQL Server unit tests. The NDbUnit library is used to recover database tables to a saved state to allow the testing of scripts that modify the data, including SQL stored procedures, functions and triggers.

The purpose of Alcyone SQL Unit is to reduce the costs of developing and maintaining database unit tests. This is achieved by providing a graphical editor that allows tests to be developed without writing any programming code, and a set of tools to simplify the maintenance of the data files. One of the greatest challenges with database unit testing is maintaining the test files when schema and data changes are made to the database. Alcyone SQL Unit minimises the cost of maintaining the files by allowing them to be updated using Transact-SQL or graphically using the inline editor and data comparison tools.

The data files are compatible with NDbUnit so the data maintenance tools can be used to assist with projects where tests are written in .NET for NDbUnit, in addition to those developed through the Test Editor.

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